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Achieve Goals Like a Boss with Flankzone.

App for project management, task tracking, team collaboration and startups. Flankzone makes you productive on your Project, Task and To-do list.

Cross-platform app for your Android or Apple mobile device, also access it via browser in your personal computer and in any device.

Manage your task and action items easily

...the project management software for your personal or team projects/activities. It is the platform that will help you leverage into personal projects and help you lead a team project. Based on project-modules structure its your virtual assistant manager to fulfill your projects.

Track items or activities efficiently

... every item is categorized by project and modules, its easy to see what items are still open or closed. You will easily see your own activities and also other members activities if your working on a project.

Make Report Automatically

... straight away generate reports for all project activities and easily see personal and team accomplishment within the selected time frame. The best platform to do progress review and performances appraisals.

And It's Free

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